Creation, stones and soul

“You don’t choose a stone, it chooses you”
I became interested in stones like many of us when I was a kid. The diversity of shapes and colors, the magic of a glitter or a crystal pointing to the sky, up to the memory contained in the fossils, all this amazed me. Only recently, after an adult life far removed me from my childhood dreams, did I rediscover the world of possibilities offered by these natural treasures. I started making pendants for my friends so they could enjoy the beneficial vibrations of the stones that worked so well on me. I usually use polymer clay which helps me to highlight the creative energy of each mineral essence, so each of these pieces is unique.

​   My first inspiration came from an amethyst that I transformed into a butterfly wing. It has since become one of my favorite forms because it represents transformation and reflects the strength of my passion! Later, I started making protective talismans. These are made to order only because the symbolism and the choice of the stone depends on the recipient and his needs.

And finally I gave birth to my guardians, animals with an energetic symbolism in harmony with each stone that accompanies them. They bring together three of my passions and I am proud to be able to share this magic when they find a home to protect.

Hoping that you will find an answer to your needs, the pleasure of the eyes or just the desire to follow your dreams, I wish you a good ride on Lily’s wings!